3 Steps to Installing PeekTab

Here I will provide a preview of installing and Logging in to PeekTab. Once you purchase the software you will then get the specific instructions for the tablet that you are interested in: Android or the IPad monitoring app.

IPad Monitoring Software

1) Setup Your Account using your Registration Code – Once you have purchased PeekTab you will receive an email with the registration code. You will be asked for the usual information, username, password, email address, if you have other authorized users you can add that too and then you click on the ‘submit’ button.

Note, if you have decided to take them up on their 7 day Free Trial of Peek Tab you can leave the default code in place when you register.

2) Once you have completed the registration you can then download and install the monitoring software onto the tablet that you wish to monitor (You can spy on Ipad or Android tablets).

3) Lasty, you view logs by putting in your credentials at the PeekTab login that securely allows you then to view all activity. They mention that you would start to see the logging of activity occur after roughly an hour after finally setting things up.

PeekTab Offers a Free Trial

If you decide to do the Free Trial you can keep the same login information that you signed up with and continue to keep the logging, etc…that is already working and call Retina-X Studios up to request for the paid version of PeekTab for the Android or Ipad spy app. The only difference here is that you are now getting a working registration code showing that you purchased the product. Other than that you should be good to go.


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